Better Lifestylers


Pursuing a Better Lifestyle is Not Selfish

It's been said that "the battle and business of life is won or lost -- not in our circumstances -- but in our minds. Our thoughts and attitudes take us toward or away from the source of real change." Also, we must understand the system, believe in ourselves, commit to doing the work, and receptive to learning new things.

It's also been proven that to change your life, you have to change your thoughts and activities related to where you want to go (e.g., attitude). One crucial step to master is maximizing how and on what you use your time.

Tune Out Your Current Network

Unless your family, friends, co-workers, or strangers you meet (like and follow) are where you want to be in 5-plus years -- you need to find another set of mentors and build a better network.

In 1979 during a meeting led by my boss -- always happy and a Lieutenant Colonel -- I reviewed the compensation pay chart and committed to retiring from the military...

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Find Your Why

What Would You Do, If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

You would dream like you did when you were young, creative, and fearless. You would create "big, hairy and audacious goals" and would not let anything get in your away of achieving them. In other words you would say yes to your dreams and pursue them like you crave air, food, water, shelter, and take care of other survival needs.

So, why is it that most people abandon their dreams and goals when they face obstacles? It could be for many reasons, but usually will result from not having a "why" which is larger than their "obstacles;" not being able to focus on that why until it is achieved and being enjoyed; and, failing to repeat the process which worked and abandon what did not.

I knew early on that I had to focus on critical areas to help me overcome poverty, a speech impediment, and growing up with other obstacles. I hope some of my experiences can help you.

Your Why Keeps You Going

In 63 years of living, nothing has been...

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