Nathaniel's Backstory

For the celebrity seeker or sports fan, I am not the father of a star basketball player. I am a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel; former senior manager with two Fortune 300 companies; and, a retired General Schedule (GS-15) civilian.

I was fortunate to be challenged by poverty; stuttering; racism; being raised in a single-parent home; and, many other obstacles "people who are different" endure. Yet, my dreams were a lot larger than those of my doubters, especially after I found my why.

My son is proudly defending the interests of our country, as a  Senior Non-Commissioned Officer in the Air Force. Both of us  treasure our experiences and contributions to our country.

My advice to my only son has always been, "don't let anyone steal what is in your head, in your heart, or in your gut. For when you let them, you have given up your destiny." I offer you the same.

My Way Ahead is Three-Pronged and Very Clear

1. Enjoy the fruits from mastering my seven core lifestyle pillars (career [aka retirement]; community; finance; health and wellness; relationships; spirituality; and, travel) with my bride and best friend. I will continually improve the gaps in those areas.

2. Use results from my core lifestyle pillars to show those with similar passion how identifying and mastering their core lifestyle pillars will ensure they don't retire sick and broke.

3. Earn additional funds to help encourage youths in my seven-city community to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Doing so challenges them to be more than "robots" and become solid contributors to global causes.

Blessed with Superb Opportunities and Great People!

I have been privileged to work and serve with a diverse group of people from all backgrounds and nationalities. Without most of them, my career would not have been as successful. For those who tried to stop me or derail my progress, you lost big time.

To counter the fake stuff, a few documented highlights follow:

Supply Operations Director, General Services Administration: GSA leader of 6 (delayed one of them) major logistics support initiatives with the Defense Logistics Agency for distribution, inventory management, and customer support.  Click here or the below image for details. Note: The link is active as of Jan 7, 2018.

After helping to complete four of the five key initiatives under my area of project management responsibility, I resigned and left the political scene in September 2014.

I wanted to focus on my brand; chase flowing waters; and, watch clouds, moonlights, sunrises, and sunsets. It took a little getting used to, but what a great decision. This boat trip to several of the Greek Islands captures it all.

Official U.S. Representative to North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Allied Committee 135 - The Group of National Directors on Codification. During one Main Group Meeting in Oslo Norway, I visited the Big Ship (Viking) Museum and the Noble Peace Center. What an eye opening experience.

Deputy Director, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Logistics Information Service. Over 800 unsung heroes supported a worldwide and very important mission. Thanks, Deb; our Culture Working Group; our personnel; our customers; and, the doubters. Through candidness and focused work, we became better!

Senior Regional Logistics Manager at Solectron (part of Flex, Ltd.) Took this job to be closer to family -- lesson learned: keep professional growth away from personal perceptions. I spent 15 months working on process improvements; supply chain integration; and, customer support analyses. Great people, superb company but it was tough for me to fight city hall.

Senior Manager, Xerox U.S. Warehouse Operations, part of North American Integrated Supply Chain. After only 18 months with the company, I received CEO Retention Award.  Xerox remains my favorite non-government company as I got a lot of very diverse challenges and opportunities, while being rewarded for results. 

Supply Squadron Commander and Chief of Supply - Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany. I was fortunate to help our base become the first in its command to win the Installation Excellence Award. Thanks to over 320 military, civilians, and local nationals for allowing me to lead and work with you as we supported one of the busiest operational wings in the command.

As Air Force Section Chief, Office of Military Cooperation - U.S. Embassy - Manama Bahrain. I am thanking Ambassador Ransom; my boss; Embassy Staff; and, team members for participating in my promotion ceremony. I had achieved my military career goal, established in a conference room in early November 1979.

Briefing Gen Peay (former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Central Command) on how my logistics division supported the Joint Communications Support Element's mission. Thanks to CMSgt Oshiro, Nancy, Patty, and all of the team who had my back.

Photo op with Former President George H.W. Bush. Thanks Ambassador Ransom for encouraging me to participate in this.

Attended acceptance ceremony for the Bahrain Frigate SABHA. LT Maloney and I worked with many others to help this succeed. 

Dinner with the Amir of the State of Bahrain (he was surprised I worked at the U.S. Embassy) and the U.S. Secretary of Defense.

Dinner with General Ralston, Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Chairman, his wife, senior Pentagon staff officers, and many others. With great help from Maj J.A. Mahmood (BDF) we kept everyone safe.

Thanks Ambassador Ransom and his team for ensuring the military members were an active and contributory part of the mission. You gave us a  chance to gain a wider perspective on how precious and powerful diplomacy really is.

My 38-year work career was filled with a love-fest and admiration for people who were interested in team work and getting the most from their efforts. I shied away from whiners without solutions. Observers without actions stayed clear of me. If there was work to be done, we rolled up our sleeves and got it done.

Even 20 years later, my favorite memory is of the Fuels Flight from my Supply Squadron who overcame all odds to win the Command's ROADEO (see sample You Tube videos) and a related U.S. Air Force Award. I will always thank them for letting me "cheer them on ... and stand with them!"

As a Command-Sponsored Research Fellow at the Center for Aerospace Doctrine, Research, and Education (now the Curtis E. LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education).

I researched and published The Defense Logistics Agency: providing logistics support throughout the Department of Defense - September 1993 (cataloged in Air University Library in Montgomery, AL and archived at the Defense Technical Information Center in Fort Belvoir, VA).

Thanks to General Walsh for believing in me enough to fight the establishment and allow me to help the Department of Defense and others understand the pivotal role DLA plays in logistics.

Thanks to the residents of Bahrain, Belgium, Germany, and the Philippines for letting me live, work, and interface with you over a seven-year period. From tennis to lunches, I remain very grateful.

My apologies to members from other organizations who had to listen to my stories or better yet read my free books on success. 

Excluding military service and job transfers, I have  been a resident of southern Virginia since 1998. I have also resided in SC, IL, GA, PA, AL, VA, FL, NY, NC, MD, MI, and DC.  

Am I Bragging or Challenging You?

Let's get real ... I am doing a little of both. 

Had I let society's labels placed on me early in life impact my desires; yield to distractions; be overcome by negativism; quit because of non-believers around me, I would have given up. Thank goodness, quitting is not in my DNA nor will it ever be.

Instead, take off the green lenses and try to learn from reading this. Most importantly, use some of my story to help you conquer your obstacles or those from others you let overcome your life.

As kids, we are often impacted by a lot of things we can't change; however, we must remember that God predestined a lot of things for us to change and then spread the word to help others try to achieve what they are willing to focus on and work hard at.

When we don't hit the mark or use all of the tools available to us ... we can't blame politics, the government, someone else or the system. We can only blame ourselves for not "understanding the universal system (life is not fair) and consistently doing the work."

Find that lost child in you -- the one with those big dreams, curiosity, minimal to no fear, refusal to accept the first no. If you can't remember that person or don't have children of your own, then rekindle that big dream for your family or community.

But, please ... do something to leave your space better than you found it. Be a spring and not that sponge. 

Don't be an "unequivocally stupid a......" and fall into the traps of politics, religion, slogans, and other distractions. Stop being thin-skinned or a robot responding to chants and characterizations.

Be you, find your why, and chase it until you die! Don't take those your dreams to the cemetery nor leave them to chance. 

I Really Want to Know More About You

Remember ... "don't let anyone steal what is in your head, in your heart, or in your gut. For when they do, you have given up your destiny." If you feel led, take the pledge and live to your fullest.

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